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The Five Questions and President Obama

As I have been watching President Obama’s first few days in office, it occurred to me that the Five Questions might be a useful way to look at him and how he is approaching his new job. Let’s start with the first two:

Question #1: What CONFRONTS Me?
Are you kidding?! Holy mackerel! (as we used to …

There’s someone I want you to meet…..

On Saturday, at a Book-Signing event in my Seattle condo, I had a wonderful surprise: the person who invited me into this work 35 years ago walked in, smiled broadly, gave me a hug, …

The Shadow Knows…..

In the recent Book-Launching events in Connecticut, New York and Houston, I have been taking people through an exercise from The Five Questions that reveals the potential life-transforming power of something called ‘the Shadow’. Without exception, it has generated the most ‘heat’ and the most ‘light’ in our conversations.

Try it on:

  1. Think of some figure from …

Coming soon to a city near you. . . Five Questions that Change Everything: The Winter Book Tour.

Well, if you live anywhere near New York, Houston, Spokane or Seattle, that is.

This is the official launching of the book, made possible by the efforts of several colleagues and friends in each of those cities who are also Facilitators of The Five Questions experiences. Here they are:

Friday, January 2 in Milford, CT, an evening …


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