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Survival Principle #7: Face Your Tigers

If you live and work in the part of the world where tigers live, and a tiger were to come upon you suddenly, what would be your first (human) instinct? Run!  Yes!  Run!  At that point, however, 6 million years of evolutionary training kicks in: The tiger’s eyes see a small, slow figure running away, …

Survival Principle #6: Learn to Play both the Inner and the Outer Game

Some years ago I had the good fortune to lead a workshop on Work and the Human Spirit with a group of YPO Executives in Kohler, Wisconsin. Joining me as a resource for these hard-charging people was Tim Gallwey, pioneering leadership coach, sports psychologist and author of The Inner Game of Tennis plus many other …

Seeing America Anew: What We Look Like from Eastern Europe

Although I planned on posting #6 of a 10 post series on “Survival Principles,” this past week I returned to Seattle from Krakow, Poland, where I have been living and working virtually full time for almost a year. After being away from my beloved America for a long time, I came back able to ‘see’ us in …

Survival Principle #5: Be Pro-active – Don’t Wait ’til It’s “Safe”

Survival Principle #5: Be Pro-active-Don’t Wait til It’s ‘Safe’

You can’t just sit there, waiting anymore. Maybe waiting for permission, or information or for your own nerves to calm down. You need to learn to MOVE OUT before everything is in place and ‘the board is green’ (as they used to say on submarines before diving). …


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