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New Water From The Old Well

Last week we saw how a Five Questions Weekend participant, ‘Charlotte’, like each one of us, was operating with a powerful picture of how she and the world are supposed to be. That picture, given to you in childhood, is incomplete and woefully out of date. You are SO much more than the story you …

Living Half a Life

One more time: You don’t need to change yourself-you couldn’t anyway. You need to become yourself-and that will change everything. Here’s a real example:

Charlotte, The Woman Living Half a Life
Charlotte, a PhD child psychologist, came to the Five Questions Weekend with a vague sense of unhappiness, unusual for her, since she had long prided herself …

Survival Principle # 10: Learn to Let Go and Move On

Here’s the New Deal: Rapid, continuous, and even tumultuous change is the new context for life and work. This current economic tsunami is simply the next in what is certain to be a stream of surprising and world-changing events and movements. In the face of a significant alteration to our current state, many-maybe most-human beings …


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