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Personal Reflections on Contemporary Philosophy of Transformation #6


Then the trainer said quietly, ‘Alright folks, is anyone here willing to bet their car that all of you will deep your work for the whole weekend?’  He said it seriously.  I knew he meant it.  It was not some kind of joke or a sarcastic comment.  …

Personal Reflections on Contemporary Philosophy of Transformation #5


At the workshop Catharine and I came in a little excited, greeting a few new people and some old friends we saw among the 100 or so who were in the hotel conference room.  The trainer was introduced, and, after a few opening remarks, he began by asking, ‘How …

Personal Reflections on Contemporary Philosophy of Transformation #4


I had been avoiding Werner Erhard’s workshop for years, mostly because of what I saw as the ‘hype’ surrounding the enrollment/recruiting process.  (Once these people got your name, you couldn’t shake them!)  Ironically, it felt exactly like being on the other end of a conversation with …

Personal Reflections on Contemporary Philosophy of Transformation #3


Erhard borrowed from and integrated the thinking of people like Ludwig Wittgenstien and Martin Heidegger, who were philosophers probing the boundaries of language and reality at the turn of the century.  Theirs is the study of Epistemology (from steimos—to stand, and epi—on or upon, thus, ‘to …

FIVE QUESTIONS WEEKEND November 12-15, Houston, TX

‘You don’t need to change yourself, you need to come home to yourself. That changes everything.’ With this simple sentence, John Scherer revolutionized personal and leadership development. Sooner or later, to increase your effectiveness and sense of fulfillment in your life and work, you need to get beyond tips and techniques and explore who you …

Personal Reflections on Contemporary Philosophy of Transformation #2

So, it is with a mixture of hesitation and excitement that I ‘come out’ here on the Five Questions blog and begin to share some of the philosophical, even theological, underpinnings of my work. If you are a traditional Christian, you may find what I have to say disturbing or even blasphemous, but this is …

Personal Reflections on Contemporary Philosophy of Transformation #1

As many if you know,  before I started ‘transforming the world at work’ as a leadership and organization development consultant, I had several other occupations:

  • After college I served as a Combat Officer on a destroyer in the US Navy during our Vietnam experience, serving in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Fleets.
  • Then it was off to Seminary, …

Leadership: The New Rules

This week I want to share with you a provocative piece from a couple of good friends and colleagues in the work of transformation, Dwight and Suzanne Frindt. They have come up with eight ‘Rules of The New Game’. I think you will find them-and the Frindts-great contributions to your thinking …

New Water From The Old Well

Last week we saw how a Five Questions Weekend participant, ‘Charlotte’, like each one of us, was operating with a powerful picture of how she and the world are supposed to be. That picture, given to you in childhood, is incomplete and woefully out of date. You are SO much more than the story you …

Living Half a Life

One more time: You don’t need to change yourself-you couldn’t anyway. You need to become yourself-and that will change everything. Here’s a real example:

Charlotte, The Woman Living Half a Life
Charlotte, a PhD child psychologist, came to the Five Questions Weekend with a vague sense of unhappiness, unusual for her, since she had long prided herself …

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