Mark Victor Hansen, Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul series
“Five Questions That Change Everything springboards your passionately purposeful life into a deeper awareness of your divine destiny. My friend, John, invites you to ask powerful questions that lead you to infinitely better results, not by changing yourself, but by becoming your Self.”

Carol Orsborn, Ph.D., Author, How Would Confucius Ask for a Raise? Los Angeles, CA
“John reminds us that what happens at work can serve as vital ‘lessons’ for our personal development. His Five Questions empower and inspire. They are valuable principles that will transform your life. They sure have mine!”

Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari, Author, Making Your Mind Your Best Friend and Founder, Lokenath Devine Life Mission, Calcutta, India
“What are you looking for? Underneath, we are all searching for ourselves. In Five Questions John, my spiritual brother, shows how to discover one’s own Self in the workplace, using simple, powerful processes. Read this book and feel divine wisdom moving through your soul.”

Michael Stephen, Chairman, Aetna International, Inc. (Retired), Toronto, Canada
“John Scherer’s Five Questions sets a new standard of excellence for the impact of spirituality in our lives. This magnificent book is a fitting tribute to his life and work. He’s a wonderful friend and role model.”

Bruce Cutter, M.D., Cancer Care Northwest, Spokane, WA
“I prescribe it! Drop in and join this gifted and committed teacher. John’s book provides you with an opportunity to engage in one of the most interesting and important journeys you will ever have the pleasure to undertake.”

Dr. Lee Lu, Adjunct Professor, Benedictine University, Lisle, IL
“John’s metaphors are inspired. His words are simple enough to be easily understood, yet deep enough to be profound. This wonderful work fits all levels of people. Like an art, some see colors, some see shapes, and some appreciate age. You will find what you are looking for in this book.”

William Lesher, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, Berkeley, CA
“Those of us who know John Scherer are not surprised that the Five Questions that Change Everything are not intended to be answered. Rather they describe a way of being that leads readers to the mystery, depth, and greatness of their own lives. This is not a book of good advice, but an announcement of good news to everyone who accepts the challenge to ask these questions.”

Cam Strong, President, CJET Global Insurance, Seattle, WA
“Five Questions that Change Everything” can help you make conscious choices about the key principles that guide your life and thus guide you to a higher level of leadership, performance and self fulfillment. John, I am so grateful & appreciative of your friendship and sharing your wisdom and remarkable insights of the human spirit in the workplace.”

Dorota Ostoja Zawadzda, Founder, Pathways Polska, Krakow, Poland
“Firsthand knowledge of John’s work has changed my approach to how I think the real work with people should be done. John’s words are intense, light, poetic, and practical all at the same time. I am very thankful for what he has done for me and for my organization!”

Roland Sullivan, Co-Editor, Practicing Organization Development, Minneapolis, MN
“I have yet to meet anyone who has perfected the traditions of Organizational Development and personal change like John Scherer. John’s simplicity, power, and life-changing work, in both his book and his Learning Development Institute, have greatly impacted the last fifty years of traditional work and practice of OD

Jean Ogilvie, Coach and Organization Development Consultant, Ottawa, Canada
“John, your materials are an invaluable and rich resource which I draw on all the time to design practices and mini-lessons for my coaching clients. They love the clarity and depth of insight that comes out of your thought exercises, observations and insights.”

Michael Pergola, Founder, One Spirit Learning Alliance, NYC
“Given the many challenges we face today on the planet, leadership is more important than ever. We need a direct way to engage the questions that call forth the best in each of us. John’s writing does this in a way that we can digest the intangible, changing us forever.”

Art McNeil, Author, Leadership: The “I” of the Hurricane – Creating Corporate Energy, Tampa, FL
“What I got out of John’s message was, ‘Wake up! God isn’t through with you yet.’ Answering his Five Questions can change everything. This book gets my high five!”

Mike Murray, President, Creative Interchange Consultants International, Austin, TX
“Seriously taking on John’s Five Questions will perform magic in your life-making it a gift to yourself and making you more of a gift to those you care about.”

Rick Hosmer, Klundt & Hosmer Design Associates, Spokane, WA
“John has played an instrumental role in the management training for my company. His book gets to the root of any problem, helping you find your own answers.  Part trainer, part pastor, and part guru, John is a shining light for all to see.”

Dave Myer, former EVP, ACE Hardware, Oak Brook, IL
“This book gives you that ‘Ah-Hah!’ – the sudden startling, BIG insight that makes you shiver; the kind John’s clients get in person.”

Terry Bain, Author, You Are a Dog: Life Through the Eyes of Man’s Best Friend, Spokane, WA
“John writes from a position of grace, intelligence, enthusiasm, and compassion to transform seemingly impossible obstacles into attainable goals.”

Robyn Wynne-Lewis, Robyn Wynne-Lewis, Founder of Core Consulting, Leadership Development Specialists, New Zealand
“In my view John is a genius when it comes to personal, professional and organizational development. I continue to use his models, his methods, (and even his jokes!) because I simply have not found better ones.”

Ingvar Petursson, Technology Executive, Seattle, WA
“I’ve been the recipient of John’s guidance for over a decade.  It has helped me merge companies, work through my true self, and take my personal life to new heights.  This book is as transformative as it sounds.”

Domien van Gool, Founder, The Leader Academy of Europe, Brussels, Belgium
“The real assignment in what John calls The Workplace School of Life is to discover, become and express who you truly are. There is ‘homework’ offered in Five Questions, but it is ‘work that takes you home to who you truly are,’ making this challenge stunningly easy.”

Terry Rogers, MD, CEO, Foundation for Health Care Quality
After 15 years of “staying in the question”, learned from John, I am still appreciating its extraordinary benefits.  What a gift!  Read this book.  You won’t be the same.”

Dominic Cirincione, President, Organizational Fitness Associates, Executive Coach, & Leadership Development. Los Angeles, CA.
“John’s work, in all the years I’ve known him, evokes the self awareness and discovery that each of us has waited for all of our lives. His life and his book are about revelations; revealing your true self to yourself and letting your light shine again in your own eyes and in the eyes of the world! His book is a must read.”

Terry Bain, Author, You Are a Dog: Life Through the Eyes of Man’s Best Friend, Spokane, WA
John is one of the most gracious, intelligent, enthusiastic, and compassionate human beings I’ve ever met. If someone asked me to do what I thought worthy but impossible, I’d first go to John. He might ask me to open up my heart, but he’d be willing to bleed with me, and likely what had seemed impossible moments before would be all but finished.”

Monique Renaud-Gagne, Executive, Ottawa, Canada
My handwriting is all over the book’s pages, asking myself—among other things, Is there something I can do now, anonymously, that three generations from now people will benefit from?’ Oh, my! You opened up a window full of light and possibility. For the first time I am wondering what seeds I have planted during my passage here.”

Elizabeth Kanada Gorla, Leadership & Personal Development Coach, Embercombe, England
John Scherer’s writing reflects the kind of wisdom won—or perhaps gifted—by a life lived in courage, openness, and service. Come to his table. Share in the feast. Bring your warrior heart.”

Mark Kelso, Performing Artist, Muddy Angel Music, Richmond, MA
In this book John Scherer guides us on a path, interweaving the world of business and the realm of spirit, asking us to name what is common: courage, consciousness, and creativity.”

Bob Kamm, Author: The Superman Syndrome, San Luis Obispo, CA
John Scherer belongs to that great tradition of elders who teach through powerful questions. There are few, if any, who can equal him in our times.”

Tor Dahl, CEO of Tor Dahl Associates, Chairman Emeritus of the World Confederation of Productivity Science, White Bear Lake, MN
On the table in my office is the stalking tiger I earned on my LDI many years ago. I face it every day. So far so good. But it has been a wild ride! Soon John’s latest book will be on my desk. With that one, and John’s other books, I could probably build a cage for the tiger. OR maybe even befriend the tiger. John would recommend the latter.”


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