Personal Reflections on Contemporary Philosophy of Transformation #1

Posted on | September 16, 2009 | Comments Off on Personal Reflections on Contemporary Philosophy of Transformation #1

As many if you know,  before I started ‘transforming the world at work’ as a leadership and organization development consultant, I had several other occupations:

  • After college I served as a Combat Officer on a destroyer in the US Navy during our Vietnam experience, serving in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Fleets.
  • Then it was off to Seminary, where I followed five generations of J.J. Scherer’s, becoming Lutheran Chaplain at Cornell University.
  • After several years there, I was invited to move to Spokane, Washington, to create the country’s first competence-based graduate program in the emerging field of applied behavioral science.
  • From there the work as a consultant and speaker took off and here we are.

Many seminar participants and leadership clients have asked me to be more public about the spiritual development aspects of my work. One senior engineer from Boeing who was attending the Leadership Development Intensive (LDI), came up to me after his 3-1/2 day experience and whispered, ‘I know what you’re up to here, John! You have created a spiritual development program thinly disguised as a leadership development course!’ He was now upset. Quite the opposite. He was inspired.

So, it is with a mixture of hesitation and excitement that I ‘come out’ here on the Five Questions blog and begin to share some of the philosophical, even theological, underpinnings of my work. If you are a traditional Christian, you may find what I have to say disturbing or even blasphemous, but this is the direction my life experience has taken me and my ‘working theology’. . .


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