Leadership: The New Rules

Posted on | August 7, 2009 | 2 Comments

This week I want to share with you a provocative piece from a couple of good friends and colleagues in the work of transformation, Dwight and Suzanne Frindt. They have come up with eight ‘Rules of The New Game’. I think you will find them-and the Frindts-great contributions to your thinking and being. The post below is reprinted from their blog http://www.213partners.com/blog with their permission.

In our last two posts we shared two powerful perspectives on the depth and breadth of the dramatic changes going on in our world. Confronting the unknown range of impact from these changes can be both shocking and freeing. To move you into engagement, we are asserting a set of New Rules as part of what we are calling Reality 2.0TM and inviting you to try them on. We are not claiming that they are the Truth or an extraordinary economic insight on our part.  Rather, they are a proposition meant to provoke fierce investigation of reality and stimulate creative thinking.  They are intended to bring each of us more present to our world and to call forth far more effective actions on our parts.
Reality 2.0TM: The New Rules
1) All Bets Are Off
2) All The Rules Have Changed
3) All Contracts Are Invalid/Restructurable
4) It’s Never Coming Back
5) No One Knows The New Rules
6) Fear Is Everywhere
7) If I Try To Hold On To Any Of The Way I Think It Was I Will Die
8) Play Ball!

Our clients have begun exploring these rules with each other in our group sessions and are having insightful and  productive conversations.  Several have introduced them in conversations with their teams as a way to break through the veil of fear and pretense that has many people frozen.  Test-drive them yourself and let us all know what you learn.


2 Responses to “Leadership: The New Rules”

  1. Suzanne Frindt
    August 14th, 2009 @ 1:38 am

    Thanks John for featuring our work. I am half way through your book and am loving it … I hope all your blog readers have bought and read it also!

  2. Dwight Frindt
    August 24th, 2009 @ 12:13 am

    John, I appreciate your sharing this post from our blog as I feel it is an important “intervention” for leadership in this new reality where fear, resistance and unrelenting change are colliding in a very disruptive way.
    A client said to me the other day, “this economic mess is just to important opportunity to waste.” He was referring to the demand for his personal growth as a CEO and a person that leading is requiring of him. If your readers are willing to really wrestle with these “New Rules,” I suspect they will fin themselves present to that “opportunity” as well!


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