New Water From The Old Well

Posted on | July 24, 2009 | Comments Off on New Water From The Old Well

Last week we saw how a Five Questions Weekend participant, ‘Charlotte’, like each one of us, was operating with a powerful picture of how she and the world are supposed to be. That picture, given to you in childhood, is incomplete and woefully out of date. You are SO much more than the story you inherited about who you are.

There are important ‘negative’ aspects of who you are right now that you need to look squarely in the eye and get to know and accept as important parts of your reality. If you live in Chicago and you are planning a trip from there to Los Angeles, you have to start in Chicago. Every transformation begins with you standing completely, even gratefully, in the current space you occupy, exactly as it is.

As human beings, we have a tendency to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’. We try hard to be only the ‘good’ or ‘positive’ side of who we are, relegating other,  ‘bad’ or ‘negative’ or less acceptable aspects to the trash heap, denying to ourselves and those around us that anything like that could possibly be in us. You will find that your transformation will not come from ‘polishing your (positive) act,’ but, perhaps surprisingly, from resurrecting a handful of discarded ‘negative’ qualities. In later blogs I will show you how to take these rejected ‘shadow’ attributes and turn them into ‘stretches’ for transforming your life, and thereby, your world.

New Water From The Old Well

The difference between ‘changing’ something and ‘transforming’ it is that changing implies replacing, or in some way negating, what is there now. Transformation, on the other hand, implies reaching deep within what is there now to find the seeds for a new shape, a new reality. It is more like the true meaning of education: from its Latin root e-ducare, to draw out, as in drawing water out of a well. You can think of transformation as drawing new water out of the old well-by going deeper than you ever dipped before. The way to get your bucket deeper into your well is by taking on powerful questions, instead of jumping at attractive-looking answers. When you wrestle with these five life-changing questions, explained in the book, things will start to shift inside and around you, starting with your understanding of who you are.


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