Survival Principle #8: Work in The Sweet Spot

Posted on | June 6, 2009 | Comments Off on Survival Principle #8: Work in The Sweet Spot

I call it the ‘Sweet Spot.’ If you have ever played a sport with a bat, racquet, or club, you know what I am talking about. Hit a tennis ball in the exact center of your racquet and you will have more accuracy and pace, with very little effort. Even as a soccer player, I recall that feeling of really thumping the ball with just the right spot on my foot.

What if there were a way to live and work all day, every day, in such a place? It is possible. It means stepping into this moment, this conversation, this phone call, this meeting, looking for how to tend to all three needs or ‘pulls’. Working in The Sweet Spot means putting your charism, your gifts, your soul, ‘out there’ in a way that:

· deeply nourishing and fully expressing your spirit,

· contributing profoundly to those around you,

· in alignment with the mission or cause or larger context.

The Sweet Spot can be recognized by a sense of maximum effectiveness and fulfillment with a minimum of effort. Have you ever been on the job and worked really hard all day, yet gone home energized? Sure you have. Ever done next to nothing all day long and gone home exhausted? Sure you have. I think what is happening in both those instances has to do with how much you were working within the Sweet Spot of maximum effectiveness and fulfillment.

Being in the Sweet Spot is not about having a certain kind of job; it’s about bringing who you ARE to that job. I’ll bet you have known engineers, hairdressers, nurses, teachers, parents, bus drivers, car salesmen, maybe even trash collectors who seem to know this Sweet Spot space. When all three ‘pulls’ are being addressed, even to some extent, you are in the Sweet Spot or TOV space. Athletes, singers, dancers, runners, and artists call it ‘The Zone.’ When you are in that Sweet Spot ‘zone,’ you can work really hard all day and yet go home tired but energized and rejuvenated. When you are not in that TOV/Sweet Spot and its ‘zone,’ you can do next to nothing and yet go home exhausted and depleted.

To get INTO The Sweet Spot. ask yourself, ‘What is LIFE calling for from me right now?’ Life, that larger context. The one that surrounds everything else in the equation: your Con, your ‘stuff,’ the other person’s ‘stuff,’ the circumstances, your considerations. All the reasons it probably won’t work or will be difficult or will make you look bad-the relationship, even the Mission or Cause itself. All of that. Everything that is important at that moment gets enfolded, embraced, in what LIFE itself needs from you in this moment.


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