The Book

‘Everyone gets the experience; some get the lesson.’ T.S. Eliot

As a human being, are you a finished product or a work in progress?

Over the past few years, I have asked this question of thousands of people around the world and, as you might guess, everyone says, “Oh, I’m not ‘there’ yet; I’m a work in progress.”

The next question I ask is, “Well, where do you do your ‘progressing’ or ‘developing’?” People respond with a variety of answers:

  • reading a good self-help or leadership books
  • going to personal or professional development seminars and workshops
  • at my church, synagogue, mosque or spiritual development group
  • sitting quietly alone or with close friends

These can all be wonderful places to be a work in progress. I know from personal  experience. But I want you to consider another arena, one where you spend the vast majority of time during your lifetime: your workplace. Every day at work, you spend eight, ten, twelve hours in a perfect classroom for profound personal/spiritual development. As you will see, those people you work with-yes, those same ones-are the perfect faculty for what you are here to learn.

As you work with the Five Questions, everything that happens to you on the job can become ‘grist for the mill’ of your deep or spiritual development-and serve to maximize your contribution to the larger world. This will lead to greater purpose, power and peace. What more could you ask for?

The Workplace School of Life

Every day that you are at work you are having literally thousands of ‘moments’, each one chock full of life-transforming potential. You could think of it as your Workplace School of Life. It has a lot going for it:

  • This ‘classroom’ is tuition-free. There are some costs associated with being in this school, but, as you will see, the cost is all internal, involving reflection and self-mastery.
  • Your faculty is always there-the ones you like and the ones you can’t stand. In fact, as you will see, the ones you don’t particularly like will be the most important ones for your development.
  • There are no grades, only your own inner critic. There is, however, continuous, real-time feedback happening all the time. The trick is to figure out what it means.
  • School is always ‘in session’ and the lessons are always the right ones for you in that moment.
  • There are never any exams-only moment-by-moment ‘tests.’ By the time we get to the final exam, it’s too late!

Real-World Stuff

The principles and stories from The Five Questions come from the thousands of interactions I and my colleagues have had working with men and women business and community leaders and their partners from 22 countries over the past 21 years. They were all participating in a three-and-a-half-day group experience called The Leadership Development Intensive (LDI) or it’s solo/private version, The Executive Development Intensive (EDI), both based on the principles and work now revealed in the book. I know The Five Questions work because we have seen the results over and over again: greater purpose, power and peace.

The book in three sentences

Here you go. The whole book in three sentences:

  1. These are five questions that change everything, except the one thing that never needs to change.
  2. You don’t need to change yourself; you need to come home to yourself.
  3. That changes everything.

There you have it. Take on The Five Questions and watch what happens in your life and work.

The Five Questions

You’ve been waiting for it, I know! OK, here they are-but be sure to get the book! The Five Questions that Change Everything:

  1. What CONFRONTS me? What ‘tigers’ do I need to face?’
  2. What am I BRINGING? What is my history with this situation? What am I saying to myself that makes it hard for me to face this ‘tiger’?
  3. What RUNS me? Where am I ‘on autopilot’ and don’t realize it? How is that affecting what I do all day long-and in my life in general?
  4. What CALLS me? What bone-deep gifts, talents or capabilities do I possess that call out to be expressed more fully in my life and work? What kind of difference would I like to think my life could make in the world?
  5. What will UNLEASH me? What will it take for me to finally get out of my own way and BE fully who I am in the world?


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